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Overview of our Film work

We work across genres and use a variety of media and techniques. Take a look at the scope of our film work below to get inspired about what direction we could take for your project. 


Check out our Photography page to see how we can also create inspiring still imagery to represent you or your next project. 


We offer diverse image solutions and can take on projects of any scale, don’t hesitate to get in touch regarding visuals your next project.

Our Work
Dark Web: Can You Hire a Hitman Online? Buying Guns on the Dark Web | Dark Web Part 2
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Sehnsucht nach Zuhause: Eunice trifft eine Entscheidung I TRU DOKU
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MAKE Berlin
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WHY immigrant clubs are about more than football
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WHY the Champions League reform hurts football
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WHY England have flopped since 1966
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